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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding Tasks and Concurrent Tasks

Tasks: A task is a list of items you want to check. Each item check, fetching real-time data, takes up to a minute.

Completion Time: Typically, a task with 60 items takes around 40 minutes to complete.

Concurrent Tasks: This refers to the number of tasks you can run simultaneously. Higher concurrent task limits mean more items checked per hour.

Estimating the Number of Profitable Products

Our profitability estimates for each plan are derived from historical data collected from our service users. When we refer to 'profitable items', we're not just talking about items with a profit margin above 0%.

Instead, we focus on items that offer a significant margin, typically over 30%, coupled with a solid track record of historical sales. This combination of high margin and proven sales history is what defines a 'good buy' in our estimation process.

What is the refund policy for Seller Snoop subscriptions?

Full Usage Policy: Refunds are not available for subscriptions where all product checks have been used.

Partial Usage Refund: If you've used less than 20% or 100 product checks (whichever is lower), you're eligible for an immediate refund.

Beyond Limits: If you've exceeded these limits, we suggest utilizing our guide to make the most of your remaining product checks and then cancel the subscription.

Refund Requests: To request a refund, simply contact our support team through the main Seller Snoop website.

What Happens When I Exceed My Product Check Limit?

If you exceed your plan's product check limit, you'll have the option to continue checking products at a per-check fee for the remainder of your billing cycle.

The additional costs are as follows:
Snoop Scout: $0.06 per extra product check.
Snoop Explorer: $0.05 per extra product check.
Snoop Enterprise: $0.04 per extra product check.

These extra charges will be added to your next bill based on the number of additional checks you make.

How can I cancel or pause my subscription?

Easily manage your subscription directly within the Seller Snoop app's billing section.

We believe in transparency and convenience, so the option to cancel or pause your subscription is readily accessible and straightforward to use.

You have the freedom to make changes to your subscription at any time, without the hassle.

How can I get more than 2,000 product checks per month?

Standard Option: For up to 2,000 checks monthly, simply subscribe to the Snoop Enterprise plan and utilize our overage system for additional checks.

High-Volume Users: If your needs exceed 4,000 checks per month, contact us via our website. We can create a custom plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Customization: For unique needs, we offer the option to develop a separate frontend and modify features to suit your specific requirements, beyond what's available to regular users.